A pitch presentation or document is a story.  The story of how you’re going to solve your prospect’s problem.  It’s personal, not generic. And it’s about them, not about you.

What's Your Story?
Choose the right theme
Make sure you understand the client’s needs and business before you create a solution and start structuring your story. Ask the client for a pre-pitch meeting or phone call.  Most clients view this in a positive light – it shows that you’re interested in them and enthusiastic about working with them.

Start with their problem
Stories need impact from page one.  Open your presentation by framing the problem.  Show understanding of the client’s brief and business. Don’t start with a long spiel about your agency, its awards and affiliations or you will lose their attention before you come to the meat of your presentation.

Explain your solution
Give them an overview of your solution. Show that you can go beyond their expectations in delivering. Stick to the brief but don’t be afraid to suggest alternatives if you can see a better way they can achieve their objectives.  If you choose this route, always bring it back to the brief.

Prove that you can deliver
Show them how you’ve done it before. Use relevant case studies preferably from the same sector – but not direct competitors with whom you still have a relationship. Show them the thinking behind your creative work not just the output.  Give them the results your work has achieved for the client.

Present on expertise and strengths that are relevant.  Don’t dwell on unique selling points that are not of value to the client. Don’t bore them with the basics – they’ve done their research or you wouldn’t be on the shortlist.

Clarify the practicalities
Go through how you plan to work, who will work on the account, when the key delivery points are and how much each element will cost.

End on a strong note
Wrap things up with a brief summary. Offer to provide referees: preferably people they can call after the pitch.  Finish with a call to action.

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