Branding, content strategy and copywriting services

Creating engaging communications requires clarity about what your client’s brand stands for, a proper strategy and plan for content and words that work.

Branding, strategy and planning

Investigation and analysis: carry out internal branding workshops, interviews and surveys. Conduct client research. Analyse and summarise the output.

Vision and values statements: develop a simple motivating vision and set of values that unites people and gets them working towards the same aims.

Propositions and key messages: create propositions and articulate them in a clear and motivating way. Develop key messages that epitomise your clients’ points of difference.

Brand voice and tone, and style guidance: develop easy-to-follow guidelines that enable internal authors to write in a consistent way that is in line with the brand.

Content strategy: advise on getting your strategy to maximise user engagement. Ensure your plan is a good fit for today’s consumer – before the design and writing start.

Writing for external audiences

Websites: produce content that answers business objectives, meets users’ aims and is search engine friendly. Make sure it works for mobile and desktop users. Provide strategic input on usability.

Email campaigns: write emails that achieve your objectives. Engage readers and ensure their journey is smooth and logical.

Videos: create a structure and write a script that answers your brief, is engaging and memorable for viewers and gets results.

Annual reports, brochures, newsletters, press releases, magazine articles, and much more.  If it’s got words, I’ve probably written it!

Writing for internal audiences

Content strategy and planning: look at the overall strategy and advise on the content to be created. Ensure a robust plan is in place before design and writing start.

Intranet sites: structure content so that employees can find what they need fast. Write copy that inspires and informs. Provide strategic input on usability.

Elearning projects: online learning material that inspires and engages learners, and that they can apply in their everyday work.

Internal change campaigns: structured and well-timed communications that ensure change is met with enthusiasm and difficult messages don’t cause damage.

Newsletters and articles: copy that keeps your people updated and engaged and delivers information in a positive way.