Plain English has many advantages. Clear away the business speak and waffle and your messages become clearer. Speak plainly and people trust what you are saying. Write as a human being and you make a better connection with your readers. Here are some examples of simpler ways you can say things.


Instead of this Use this
Absolutely (Unnecessary)
Accelerate Speed up
Accordingly In line with this
Additionally And or Also
Add value to Improve
Afford Give
Aggregate Total
Amongst Among
Assist Help
As to About
At an early date Soon
At this moment in time Now (often unnecessary)
Behind schedule Late
By reason of Because of
Cognisant of Aware of
Commence Begin or Start
Concerning About or On or For
Contained in In
Demonstrate Show
Diminish Lessen or Reduce
Each and every one All
Expedite Hasten or Speed up
Firstly First
For the duration of During
Furnish Give or Provide
Going forward (Unnecessary)
However But
In accordance with Under
In excess of More than
In relation to/In respect of On or About or Concerning
Leverage Make the most of
Locate Find
Make a recommendation Recommend
Ongoing (Unnecessary)
On occasion Sometimes
Per annum A year
Principal Main or Chief
Prior to Before
Pursuant to Under
Subsequent to After
Sufficient Enough
Utilise Use
Value-added Beneficial
Whilst While
With respect to About